Editorial Board

Aloysius Irudayam, SJ
With Master’s degrees in Philosophy and Political Science, Aloy (MDU) is an experienced grassroots activist and trainer. He has co-authored advocacy research publications and campaign documents for national and international advocacy and lobbying purposes, as well as human rights education textbooks for school students. Currently he is the Programme Director for Advocacy, Research and Human Rights Education at IDEAS Centre, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
Cedric Prakash, SJ
Cedric Prakash SJ (GUJ) is a well-known human rights, reconciliation and peace activist. He is a writer who writes regularly for Catholic and secular magazines. A recipient of several international and national awards, Cedric is currently engaged in Advocacy work.
Francis P. Xavier, SJ
Francis P. Xavier, SJ, (CEN) has been in administration as Provincial (MDU), Director (LIFE and LICET), and Vice President of Jesuit Worldwide Learning. Currently, he is the Rector of Loyola Jesuit Institutions, Chennai. An author and researcher, with several books, articles, and webinars to his credit, his research now is on 'Religion and Science.
Frazer Mascarenhas, SJ
Frazer Mascarenhas, SJ (BOM) has a Doctorate in Sociology from the University of Mumbai. He was the Principal of St. Xavier’s College Mumbai for 12 years. He retired in 2015. He was on a Sub-Committee for Higher Education of the National Knowledge Commission and on the Steering Committee for Higher Education of the Planning Commission for the 12th Plan. Presently he does community-building work as Parish Priest of St. Peter’s Church, Mumbai
M.K. George, SJ
George Mutholil, SJ (M.K. George, SJ) (KER) holds a doctorate in Education- Interdisciplinary-Sociology from Pune University. He has worked as an Adult Literacy Teacher, Sociology Professor, Researcher, and Family Counsellor. A former Principal of Loyola College of Social Sciences, Trivandrum, Director of Indian Social Institute, Bangalore, he was the Provincial of Kerala Jesuits. Currently he is one of the two Regional Assistants for South Asia to the Superior General of the Society of Jesus.
Jerry Rosario, SJ
Jerry Rosario, SJ(CEN) serves at Dhyana Ashram, Chennai where he offers close to 25 programs a year. He is a theologian, professor, writer, pastor, and Founder - Director of Dhaanam for human donations and Manitham for political participation. Jerry is a tireless blood donor and motivator.
P.R. John, SJ
Pudota Rayappa John, SJ (P. R. John, SJ) (AND) holds a doctorate in Historical- Dogmatic Theology from Leopold–Franzens University, Innsbruck, Austria. Earlier he was the Director of Kala Darshini, an institute of evangelization and culture in Vijayawada, Andhra. Currently, he works as the Principal of Vidyajyoti, College of Theology, Delhi and Professor of Systematic Theology. He is a Visiting Professor at several theologates.
John Rose, SJ
John Rose, SJ, (BOM) is the Director of both Xavier Institute of Engineering and St Xavier's Technical Institute, Mumbai In the former Institute he also teaches Computer Engineering. He is also the Province Coordinator for Higher Education, and Director of the Province Development Office. He is an ardent supporter of Open-Source Software.
Joseph Christie, SJ
Joseph Christie. SJ (MDU) is the Secretary for Higher Education of the Society of Jesus. He works at the General Curia, Rome. Earlier he served as the Director of LIBA, Chennai and XLRI, Jamshedpur. Christie has helped dioceses and religious congregations through a systematic and professional evaluation of their ministries.
Michael Amaladoss, SJ
Michael Amaladoss, SJ (CEN) is an internationally known theologian, who has authored several books and articles. He has served as Principal and Rector of Vidyajyoti, Delhi and Jnanadeepa Vidyapeeth, Pune. As a General Assistant, he served at the Jesuit General Curia, Rome for twelve years. A trained Carnatic musician, Amal has composed music for a number of popular Tamil hymns.
Pavul Raj Michael, SJ
Pavulraj Michael, SJ (MDU) did his Licentiate in Spiritual Theology from La Universidad de Comillas, Madrid and his Doctorate in Theology from La Universita' PontificiaGregoriana, Rome. He was the Director of Novices for Madurai Province. At present, he is the Dean and Professor of the Institute of Spirituality, La Universita' Pontificia Gregoriana, Rome.
William Sequeira, SJ
William Sequeira, SJ (KAR) has been a Jesuit formator all his life. He has served as Director of Pre-Novices, Novices, and Juniors. He served also as the Rector of Mount St. Joseph and Director of Dhyanashrama Retreat House. For the past few years he has been a Tertian Instructor.
Xavier Antony, SJ
Xavier Antony SJ (MDU) is the MDU Province Coordinator for JESCOM Madurai, Director of Loyola Education Network for Social Communication (LENS), and the Creative Head of Loyola TV, Madurai. He has published several collections of motivational mini stories in Tamil.