INI July – Sept ’23

Let my country awake!

Isn’t this a wonderful day to release this issue of INI? On this day, 15 August, we celebrate the Assumption of our Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Here in India, it is also the Independence Day – the day the nation celebrates winning political freedom from the British.

Their vision and our plight

Paul Michael, SJ, holds up the contrast between the noble vision our Founding Fathers had for our country and what we witness today.

Do we understand today’s students?

V. Joseph Xavier, SJ, explains why we need to understand today’s students and the enormous pressure they face. He talks also of how we can help them deal with their problems.

An Educator Looks Back…

J.M. Das, SJ, a veteran educator, looks back to see what his students have become – what Jesuit education can do even for poor, insecure and diffident students.