What does this issue of INI, dated Oct-Dec 2021, offer you?

In an exclusive interview to INI, Fr James Martin, SJ, the well-known American Jesuit, talks of the first part of his life when he worked for big companies and what made him give it all up and begin living as a Jesuit and working for God and his people. The best-selling author talks of prayer, his ministry for the LGBTQ people and the support and the opposition it has earned, his meeting Pope Francis, the dwindling vocations to priesthood and religious life, etc.

Leonard Fernando, SJ, one of the foremost Church historians in India, describes in his article, the continuing struggle of the Adivasis (original inhabitants) of Chotanagpur for justice and how Jesuits – from the legendary Constant Lievens to the justice martyr Stan Swamy, who died this year– have been with them, helping them in their ceaseless struggle.

Educators everywhere cannot fulfill their mission without understanding what Emmanuel Arockiam, SJ explains in his article. He talks of the mental health problems our youth face at their age. The pandemic has made them worse. Now it is part of the educator’s mission to empathize with our youth and help them face and overcome these problems.

V. Joseph Xavier, SJ, who has worked in the field of higher education for more than four decades, lists the problems teachers, lecturers and professors have faced in the past year because of Covid 19. He asserts that the pandemic has dragged them to a crossroads and they can’t take the old, familiar road which is closed. The only road that is open now is the new road. Read his article to understand what it means.

Why should we seek and acknowledge truth? That is the only way to wellbeing, peace of mind, health and joy, says William Sequiera, SJ in his article. He explains what we could do to pursue and embrace the truth about us.

Jerry Rosario, SJ, who goes about inspiring people from all walks of life through what he says and does, describes in his article how a 15-year-old Bihari girl inspired him to do something similar to what she did, in spite of all the problems imposed by Covid 19.

You may wonder how someone who happens to be the Rector of a huge campus that houses so many institutions finds the time to read books of various genres and write about them? Francis P. Xavier, SJ is able to do so thanks to excellent time management. This time he talks of a rare book that has sold more than nine million copies.

What I write in the column devoted to films is not film criticism. What I intend to do is talk of a film I enjoyed watching – a film I think shines a light on human life and its joys and struggles.  This time it is a short film that focuses on a woman who wrestles with grief. At a time when millions are struggling to cope with grief caused by deadly Covid losses this film has a relevant and timely message.

– M.A. Joe Antony, SJ